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Sharpen your analytic group's expertise with AAI, and their analytic products & briefings will produce more insight for your customers.

If you do analysis, you want your customers and policymakers to be addicted to your products. We can help: specializing in analytic tradecraft & training development, AAI serves the U.S. & allied IC, the U.S. Military, law enforcement organizations, and private sector companies. AAI is known for exceptional training, mentoring, facilitation, and coaching in all phases of intelligence analysis.

How are we unique?

  1. We provide on-site expert assistance, facilitation, mentoring, coaching and teaching to analytic tradecraft cells and personnel. 

  2. Our critical thinking, structured analytic techniques, writing, briefing, and related training is focused on improving all phases of intelligence analysis.

  3. We have a cadre of experienced course designers who help our customers articulate and document their core expertise–particularly analysis–and can provide customized or bespoke training courses.

Although most of our employees and contractors are centered in the Washington, D.C., area, AAI provides services throughout the world.

Our greatest strength: our employees and associates. All of our personnel have decades of experience in their fields, which include intelligence professionals, military officers, and educational specialists, and all have been recognized for their exceptional analytic, leadership, classroom, and mentoring skills. 

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