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About Our Training

With years of experience teaching new, mid-level, and advanced analysts and managers for the U.S. Military, various national intelligence agencies, and law enforcement customers, AAI provides the best available core analytic and leadership training.

Effective intelligence assessments are written by analysts who are well trained in analytic techniques and writing skills, and who are led by managers and directors who have learned how to both challenge and support their analytic team. A foundation of practical, exercise-based analytic training led by experienced instructors enables an intelligence unit to make the most of its cadre. Learning the best practices of analytic thinking, writing, and presentation sets analysts on a course of effective, productive intelligence support for years to come. 

Our engaging, interactive sessions include focused feedback from top-tier instructors, most with honed analytic skills from award-winning careers in the United States Intelligence Community.

The hallmark of our success is our ability to tailor our expertise to client needs, and to respond quickly. Please let us know how we can help you.

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